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The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is a Research and Technology Organization (RTO) active in the fields of materials, environment and IT. By transforming scientific knowledge into technologies, smart data and tools, LIST empowers citizens in their choices, public authorities in their decisions and businesses in their strategies. 


You will be part of the LIST Materials Research and Technology department 

Through its research into advanced materials and processes, the “Materials Research and Technology” (MRT) department, with its 200 researchers and engineers, contributes to the emergence of enabling technologies that underpin the innovation processes of local and international industry. MRT’s activities hinge on four thematic pillars: nanomaterials and nanotechnology, scientific instrumentation and process technology, structural composites, and functional polymers.

The department also includes four high-tech platforms, focusing on composites, prototyping, characterization and testing. These platforms serve both LIST research staff, and other stakeholders in Luxembourg.

The Green Polymers Group at the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is seeking a Lead R&T Associate in the area of bio-based fibers and polymeric materials. Research concerning the science and engineering of bio-based fibers and polymer matrices is essential to the broader goal of producing sustainable high performance composites for real world applications. The Green Polymers Group is part of the Functional Polymers Unit / the Materials Research and Technology (MRT) Department and addresses needs related to the synthesis and processing of sustainable polymeric materials. The group pursues funding and carries out research through industrial contracts and competitive projects sponsored at the Luxembourgish and European levels. Successful execution of these activities in service of the broader goal of the production of realizing sustainable composite technologies requires additional competencies and expertise related to the chemistry, processing and properties of bio-based fibers, so that compatible polymer matrix materials and processing approaches may be designed accordingly. With this in mind, we seek to fill this permanent position with an experienced researcher with a strong background in bio-based fibers and polymeric materials.


What you will be doing

The Lead R&D Associate should be a recognized researcher in their field. Their main mission will be to promote RD&I activities and recognition within the group and unit by acquiring funding, managing large RD&I projects and maintaining / further developing their profile in the relevant scientific and technological communities. As they will integrate into a Research and Technology Organization (RTO) that is strongly project and team oriented, the researcher should be comfortable securing funding and managing a sustainable project portfolio ranging from fundamental to industrial / application-oriented research.

The researcher is expected to pursue projects focusing primarily on sustainable polymeric materials, fibers and their composites, their synthesis, modification and processing / forming into final parts, as well as relevant structural, rheological and functional characterization tasks and proof-of-concept demonstrations of the real-world / industrial applications of such materials. In this context, the researcher will lead the definition, and manage as PI, national and international RD&I projects of high complexity as well as multiannual and/or multidisciplinary RD&I projects. They will additionally lead and promote the dissemination, valorization and transfer of RD&I results (patents, licenses, prototypes, publications, technical reports, participation in conferences) and publish scientific results in high-quality peer-reviewed journals. Such efforts should be performed in strong collaboration with other members of the group, the unit and the department and will contribute to the development of Research & Technology activities in LIST. Moreover, they will actively contribute to the development of scientific and technological cooperation networks at the national and international level.

The researcher should have an outstanding academic background and a very strong record of accomplishments as far as publications, patents and project management are concerned. Significant experience with application-oriented research is a requirement, including collaboration(s) with industry and transfer of RD&I results to public and/or private partners. Experience organizing and/or participating in multilateral research consortia (such as EU projects) would be an additional asset.

must have requirements

Which profile we are looking for

  • PhD in Chemistry, Physics, Polymer Science / Engineering, Fiber Science / Engineering, Materials Science / Engineering, or a related field
  • Between 10 and 20 years after PhD completion
  • Strong expertise related to the characterization, modification, processing and properties of industrially relevant bio-based reinforcing fibers / textiles and their composites is required
  • Strong expertise related to the synthesis, formulation, processing, characterization and properties of bio-based polymer matrices is equally important
  • Evidence of remarkable research productivity (like publications, patents, project reports, technology transfer) is mandatory
  • A strong team player with the ability to work with a diverse range of colleagues in an international environment is needed
  • Track record of independently conceiving, executing and successfully completing fundamental as well as application-oriented research projects, and developing industrial partnerships, is essential
  • The following additional competencies would be considered strong assets:
  • Experience supervising graduate students and post-doctoral researchers
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills e.g. in publications, patents, reports, presentations and/or proposals
  • Ability to effectively mentor and coordinate the efforts of multiple collaborators


To be considered for this position it is crucial that you have knowledge of the following languages
  • Read C1
    Write C1
    Speak C1


The following languages are optional but are considered a plus.
  • Read B2
    Write B2
    Speak B2
  • Read B2
    Write B2
    Speak B2
  • Read B2
    Write B2
    Speak B2
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