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The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is a Research and Technology Organization (RTO) active in the fields of materials, environment and IT. By transforming scientific knowledge into technologies, smart data and tools, LIST empowers citizens in their choices, public authorities in their decisions and businesses in their strategies. 


You ‘d like to contribute as a researcher? Join our Environmental Research and Innovation department 

The Environmental Research and Innovation (ERIN) department, made up of 200 life science, environmental science and information technology researchers and engineers, provides the interdisciplinary knowledge, expertise and technologies to lead solutions including the major environmental challenges facing society, such as climate change mitigation, ecosystem resilience, sustainable energy systems, efficient use of renewable resources, and environmental pollution prevention and control.

The department relies on two cutting-edge platforms, the Biotechnologies and Environmental Analytics Platform and the Observatory for the Climate and the Environment, and the GreenTech Innovation Centre (GTIC): a one-stop-shop for the complete development of bio-based products and processes.

The selected candidate will join ERIN's Environmental and Industrial Biotechnologies (BIOTECH) unit. This RDI unit has developed expertise in (i) proofing new concepts using metabolic engineering and integrative biology approaches for the production of biomolecules of industrial interest produced by plants or microorganisms, ii) developing tools for microbiological hazard assessment and decontamination of emerging microbial pathogens, especially viruses, iii) developing bio-process engineering solutions to convert organic resources into energy and molecules for industry. The BIOTECH unit carries out impact-driven research geared to the development of bio-based products and processes of industrial interest, new biorefinery concepts for more efficient and sustainable processes, and new technologies for the detection and treatment of environmental pollution. 


How will you contribute?

The selected candidate will more specifically join the Biosystems and Bioprocessing Engineering group. The team’s main RDI activities relate to the optimization of the biomass conversion technologies and more specifically through the process of anaerobic digestion. We put strong focus on the characterisation of microorganisms and identification of specific microbes of potential industrial relevance. We are a group of engineers, molecular biologists, microbiologists, bioinformaticians and laboratory technicians working together to improve the bioconversion of biomass towards methane production and valorisation of the digestion residue as a natural fertiliser. We would like to diversity the output of the anaerobic digestion process towards production of commodity chemicals, what would reinforce the positioning of the technology at the heart of future biorefinery value chains. To that purpose we have currently been employing new strategies towards cultivation and characterisation of microorganisms (including omics tools), with a focus on biomass hydrolysing species. Together with microbiome and pathway modelling approaches, it will allow us in the future to engineer natural or design artificial consortia towards specific degradation of various biomasses. Pathway engineering and /or development of new systems to further convert resulting fermentation products into added-value molecules is largely considered. 

We are looking for a motivated scientist to develop new strategies of microbiomes and/or pathway design in bacteria and/or minimum cell systems for future production of value-added chemicals from industrial lignocellulosic side streams. 

The candidate is expected to:

• Develop the research domain on microbiome design and/or pathway engineering described above in collaboration with the other team members and other colleagues (strong team working attitude is a must)

• Attract funding from national and European funding agencies (previous expertise in project proposal writing and conducing independent research will be considered as an important asset)

• Contribute to both fundamental research development and its transition towards specific applications in a given sector

• Disseminate the results in top ranked scientific journals and through patent deposition (largely expected regarding the position of LIST as an RTO)

• Supervise the work of younger colleagues, including PhD students, working on different projects, including collaborative studies with private partners

• Design and perform laboratory experiments 

• Contributing to the development of support to national or international companies which develop or implement technological solutions (proof-of-concepts, prototypes) in high TRL projects aiming pre-industrialisation

• Developing research partnerships and networks at national and international level, making LIST visible in synthetic microbiology 

• Supervising the work of engineer and researchers working on competitive projects and on collaborative projects with private 

must have requirements

Is Your profile described below? Are you our future colleague? Apply now!

You have a PhD and at least 5 years of a post-doctoral experience with a specialisation in microbiology and molecular biology working with microbiomes (including engineering of pathways) in the context of fermentation technologies, using modern synthetic biology tools. A good understanding of microbial (fermentative) metabolism will be essential to develop new concepts (microbiome or single species- based) for future commodity chemicals production.

Additionally, you have:

• Experience in molecular microbiology and synthetic biology

• Experience in the cultivation of microbes and microbiomes

• Experience in the construction of microbial consortia (through bottom-up and/or top-down approaches)

• Experience in fermentative pathways engineering (re-construction in non-native production systems) 

• A profound understanding of hydrolytic and fermentative microbial metabolisms is necessary.

We offer

Your LIST benefits

An organization with a passion for impact and strong RDI partnerships in Luxembourg and Europe that works on responsible and independent research projects; 

Sustainable by design, empowering our belief that we play an essential role in paving the way to a green society;

Innovative infrastructures and exceptional labs occupying more than 5,000 square metres, including innovations such as our Viswall, high-scale incubators and top of the range 3D/4D printings that are part of our toolkit for excelling in all we do;

Multicultural and international work environment with more than 45 nationalities represented in our workforce;  

Diverse and inclusive work environment empowering our people to fulfil their personal and professional ambitions;

Gender-friendly environment with multiple actions to attract, develop and retain women in science; 

32 days’ paid annual leave, 11 public holidays, flexible working hours, 13-month salary, statutory health insurance and access to lunch vouchers; 

Personalized learning programme to foster our staff’s soft and technical skills; 

An environment encouraging curiosity, innovation and entrepreneurship in all areas. 

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Your application must include:

• A motivation letter oriented towards the position and detailing your experience;

• A scientific CV with contact details;

• List of publications (and patents, if applicable);

• Contact details of 2 references.

Application procedure and conditions

• LIST is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to hiring and retaining diverse personnel. We value all applicants and will consider all competent candidates for employment without regard to national origin, race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, religion, age or disability; 

• Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis until the position is filled; 

• An assessment committee will review the applications and select candidates based on guidelines that aim to ensure equal opportunities; 

• The main criteria for selection will be the correspondence of the existing skills and expertise of the applicant with the requirements mentioned above.


To be considered for this position it is crucial that you have knowledge of the following languages
  • Read C1 Advanced
    Write C1 Advanced
    Speak C1 Advanced


The following languages are optional but are considered a plus.
  • Read B2 Upper intermediate
    Write B2 Upper intermediate
    Speak B2 Upper intermediate
minimum required Education
Required work experience in years
5 or more years
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