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Temporary contract | 24 months | Hautcharage


Are you passionate about research? So are we! Come and join us

The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is a Research and Technology Organization (RTO) active in the fields of materials, environment and IT. By transforming scientific knowledge into technologies, smart data and tools, LIST empowers citizens in their choices, public authorities in their decisions and businesses in their strategies.

In 2024, LIST and GOODYEAR signed the second phase of their partnership, 2024-2029, building on the outcomes of their previous collaboration and entering new technological areas as well. GOODYEAR-LIST partnership 2.0 embraces Luxembourg's National priorities, such as Sustainability, Digital transformation and Circular economy, through the execution of six Strategic Research Programs: Data Science for Tires, Tire as a Sensor, End-of-Life Tire Valorization, Sustainable Materials for Non-Pneumatic Tires, Sustainable Materials for Next Generation of Pneumatic Tires, Structure-Process-Properties Relationships.

As part of it, we are currently looking for a Researcher in novel sustainable polymers.

How will you contribute?

The primary objective of the Industrial Partnership Block Grant (IPBG)  “Future tire technologies for sustainable mobility” is to improve the understanding, performance and sustainability of materials and processes used in future tire technologies. A future tire, as a highly complex composite material, needs to fulfil a wide range of performance criteria that cannot be achieved without expertise in chemistry and physics.

Today, synthetic tire elastomers are petroleum-based. The main classes of synthetic elastomers used in tires are polybutadiene, styrene-butadiene copolymers, and synthetic polyisoprene. Butadiene and styrene have emerged as the monomers of choice for the synthesis of high-performance elastomers for tires and a large variety of such elastomers is available on the market. The push for sustainable tire elastomers is currently for the most part geared towards providing sustainable sources of butadiene and styrene monomers. Those efforts are well under way in the synthetic rubber industry today and, indeed, the push towards sustainability will also redefine the economic and availability equation for potential sustainable monomers. However, current efforts will result in exactly the same polymers as are available today on the market, but just from a sustainable source. In contrast to this, this particular project is focused on the alternative approaches to sustainable polymers which will not exclusively rely on the standard monomers: styrene and butadiene, but will involve copolymerization of new bio-based or recycled monomers and modification of isoprene-based elastomers.

In this context, we are looking for an experienced researcher that is expected to strongly contribute to an ambitious project through the development of a high-end research in the:

Screening of a wide variety of new sustainable monomers as to their ability to be cost-effectively sourced from sustainable sources, their ability to undergo successful random copolymerization with dienes such as butadiene, and their ability to affect elastomer properties;

Investigation of butadiene and isoprene copolymerization with monomers derived from terpenes (olefins and conjugated dienes), phenylpropanoids (styrenic type) and arylisoprenes (phenyl isoprene type) families;

  • Performing of anionic, coordination, radical and ring-opening metathesis (co)polymerization of target monomers;
  • Synthesis of organometallic catalysts for coordination and ring-opening metathesis polymerization;
  • Characterization of novel rubbers by techniques including NMR and IR spectroscopy, GPC, DSC, TGA, DMTA, AFM and TEM;
  • Compounding of elastomers, their curing and final rubber testing.

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PhD degree in Organometallic Chemistry (preferred), Synthetic Organic Chemistry or Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry

Experience and skills


  • Strong background and extensive hands-on experience in synthetic organometallic chemistry (preferably on Ru, Pt, Pd, Ni, Ti, Co, Fe, etc. catalysts);
  • Strong background and extensive hands-on experience in organic synthetic chemistry;
  • Experience with standard wet- and air-sensitive chemistry techniques;
  • Knowledge and experience in rubber compounding and processing;
  • Experience in use of modern characterization techniques such as FT-IR, GPC, DSC, TGA;
  • Ability to analyze NMR spectra (obligatory (!));
  • Knowledge of Chemdraw or similar software for drawing and analyzing of chemical structures;
  • The ability to work creatively and independently, including experience in writing research reports, giving oral talks and performing scientific literature search.


  • Demonstrated competencies in coordination polymerization will be highly valued;
  • Previous experience in anionic polymerization will be appreciated; 
  • Experience in the utilization of AFM, SEM, TEM or mechanical testing of polymer films will be considered as an asset.
  • Knowledge of Origin and Excel will be counted as a plus.
  • Finally, the selected person should show collaborative skills, initiative, result oriented, organization, and capacity to work in an interdisciplinary environment.

Language skills

  • Fluent English (spoken and written) is a must
  • Knowledge of French would be an asset


Your LIST benefits

  • An organization with a passion for impact and strong RDI partnerships in Luxembourg and Europe that works on responsible and independent research projects
  • Sustainable by design, empowering our belief that we play an essential role in paving the way to a green society
  • Innovative infrastructures and exceptional labs occupying more than 5,000 square metres, including innovations in all that we do
  • An environment encouraging curiosity, innovation and entrepreneurship in all areas
  • Personalized learning programme to foster our staff’s soft and technical skills
  • Multicultural and international work environment with more than 50 nationalities represented in our workforce
  • Diverse and inclusive work environment empowering our people to fulfil their personal and professional ambitions
  • Gender-friendly environment with multiple actions to attract, develop and retain women in science
  • 32 days’ paid annual leave, 11 public holidays, 13-month salary, statutory health insurance
  • ·Flexible working hours, home working policy and access to lunch vouchers


Apply online

Your application must include:

  • A motivation letter oriented towards the position and detailing your experience
  • A scientific CV with contact details
  • List of publications (and patents, if applicable)
  • Contact details of 2 references


Application procedure and conditions

  • We kindly request applicants to provide their nationality for statistical purposes only, as part of our commitment to promoting diversity and ensuring equal opportunities in our workforce. This information will be kept confidential and will not be used for any discriminatory purposes.
  • LIST is dedicated to maintaining an inclusive work environment and is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to attracting, hiring, and retaining a diverse workforce. All applicants will be considered for employment without discrimination based on national origin, race, color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, religion, age, or disability.
  • Applications will be continuously reviewed until the position is filled. An assessment committee will thoroughly evaluate applications, adhering to guidelines designed to ensure equal opportunities. The primary criteria for selection will be the alignment of the applicant's existing skills and expertise with the requirements mentioned above.
  • Candidates shall be available for starting their position in June 2024.


To be considered for this position it is crucial that you have knowledge of the following languages
  • Read C1 Advanced
    Write C1 Advanced
    Speak C1 Advanced


The following languages are optional but are considered a plus.
  • Read B1 Intermediate
    Write B1 Intermediate
    Speak B1 Intermediate
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1 or more years
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